The Flood Money Auction is a fundraiser that is bringing together the Australian hip hop community to support those who have suffered after the devastating floods in QLD. The biggest and best have all donated some amazingly rare and valuable items to be sold with all proceeds going towards the Premiers Flood Appeal.

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$7,338.93 raised for Flood Money Auction!

So shortly after the devastating floods hit QLD the idea was thrown around that the hip hop community should hold some sort of auction fundraiser like the successful Heat 4 Huntz one that Bias put together.

Well next thing you know, we get dobbed in by Suffa and are were running the damn thing, pulling together an impressive collection of dope Australian hip hop donations to throw up for auction…..

And damn you all came through with the goods.

Well apart from a couple of loose ends the Flood Money Auction is just about done and dusted and with thanks to those who donated items and to those who put up cash to buy them the community has managed to raise;


It’s a pretty awesome achievement and something the whole scene should be proud of. Peak Street would like to thank every artist and collector who dipped into their personal collection and donated some amazing items to the cause and to everybody who bid on the items too, whether you won or lost.

Below I’ll start dropping links to all the related documentation regarding the auction as I scan and save them. Check the Flood Money Books for a detailed breakdown of everything. I’m no accountant so I’m hoping I balanced the books right. There is $415.00 I’m still chasing, but I’m sure we will get those funds through soon too.

Cheers, you’re all dope!

Peak Street Familia

Donation Transaction Receipt

Flood Money Auction Books

The Optimen Pack

Brisbane’s finest the Optimen have hooked us up with a little prizes pack courtesy of their damn fine selves. Though it doesn’t have any gum it dpoes have the following awesomeness;

2 x The Out Of Money Experience posters signed by Kristoff the Russian, Sammsonite, DATS, DJ Damage and Greg Mint Slice Arnott (Peter Beatty mustn’t have been available).

1 x copy of the  ’Give It Up’ 12 inch by The Optimen signed by all 5 of the crew

1 x ‘The Out of Money Experience’ CD by The Optimen

1 x ‘Boomtown’ CD by The Optimen

1 x ‘The Optimen Present: Red Tape Renegades’ CD by various artists 

Dope huh?

Check the link for full pics. Big ups The Optimen for this one!

Check eBay Auction HERE

Bias B ‘Beezwax’ signed vinyl LP (rare blue vinyl 1 of 18)

Bias B has come through with the goods, blessing us a signed copy of his undisputed classic debut album ‘Beezwax’. But this aint just a normal copy. Oh no…… This is one of only 18 copies that was pressed up on blue vinyl. Only 18 copies!!!! DAMN!

Check the tracklist at the Rap Cella

Cheers to Bias for coming through with this one. Grab a piece of hip hop history kids!!

Check eBay Auction HERE

The Elefant Traks Money Can’t Buy Pack

Want the ultimate Elefant Traks collectors pack? Something that money can’t buy whatsoever? Well you’re in luck, cause Urthboy and the crew have put together this amazing collection for one of you lucky heads which is signed to within an inch of it’s life.


> Blockmounted ET 10th Anniversary poster signed by all ET artists

> Signed ET tee, Signed ET Hoodie

> 5 signed albums;

Alternative Energy - The Tongue
Wild Colonial - Ozi Batla
Inside Story - Horrorshow
Spitshine - Urthboy
Summerland - The Herd

> Elefant Traks keyring

I anybody wants to donate that block mounted signed poster to me that would be great!

Much respect to Urthboy and the Elefant Traks family for this one!

eBay Auction HERE

The Elefant Traks Mates Pack

Urthboy and the Elefant Traks crew have come up with some gold for you lucky general public. First up being the awesome Mates Pack. The goodness included is;

> 5 ET tees (share with mates)

> Triple pass to ANY Elefant Traks headline show in 2011

> 10 CDs;

Alternative Energy   The Tongue
Wild Colonial  Ozi Batla
Inside Story  Horrorshow
Spitshine  Urthboy
The Grey Space  Horrorshow
Summerland CD  The Herd
Threads  Hermitude
The Sun Never Sets  The Herd
Exit Strategy  Astronomy Class
Trampled: The Elefant Traks Remix Album  Various

> 1 Hoodie

> 5 Elefant Traks keyrings

> Stickers, fridge magnets & random shit

Tasty huh?

Thanks to Urthy and all the ET kids!

eBay Auction HERE

Independent Oz Hip Hop Artists CD pack

Damn this is a big one. A gang of independent artists have throw in a stack of goodness and I have pooled it all together so you can check out what is cooking in underground hip hop in Australia right now.

Let me give you the rundown starting with Sydney legend Torcha;

Torcha & B-Don CD - ‘Frozen State’

Hyjak, Torcha & Mules CD - ‘Unregrettable’

Broken Silence (Torcha’s band) - ‘All for what…’ 

Big Dave CD single - ‘Days Gone By’

Stealth 10th Anniversary Compilation CD

Requiem CD - ‘Grassroots Anarchy’

Requiem CD - ‘Coffee, Biros & Death’

Broken Aesthetiks CD - ‘Broke’

Sinergy Productions CD - ‘Sin City’

'Who Got Next? Generation Next Mixtape Volume 1' by DJ Illa & N.U.G hosted by Mind Over Matter

Drakezilla CD - ‘Room With a View’

Drakezilla CD - ‘Story of my Life’

Vince Vega CD - ‘Since You’ve Been Away’

Undadwella - ‘Everyone Loves U.D.’ mixtape

Static & Domes - ‘Rapacetamol’ mixtape

DJ Skae - ‘The Guest List’ mixtape

Sceptic & Dseeva - ‘Sub C Baby’ mixtape

Sceptic & Dseeva CD - ‘Hip Hop Psykosis’


2 x N2W shirts

This shit is crazy. Thanks to every head listed, especially MIBS for starting this whole idea off and Requiem for kicking off the indie artist pack off, cause this is epic! 

eBay Auction HERE

Soulmate Records CD Pack

Damn I almost missed this one. Soulmate records were one of the first lads to send us through a CD pack and it has been siting in my office drawer covered with all the other Flood Money Auction stuff. I’m slipping! So what did the good folks kick in?

Syntax CD - ‘The Musical’

Boltz CD - ‘The Wishlist’

Pez CD - ‘A Mind of my Own’

Pez promo CD - ‘These Days 2009’ 

Bright Young Things EP - ‘The Great Lonesome’

I thought it kinda messed up that there was no 360 up in here, so have decided to chuck in my own copy of 360’s debut CD ‘What You See Is What You Get’ also.

Pretty dope huh?

Thanks to Soulmate for this one!

eBay Auction HERE

Magazine Pack - Artillery / Illegal Fame / Peak Street / Wooden Toy



If you’re like us you got a lot of shelf space for some of the amazing magazines that are produced from this country. Well you might want to make some more room in your hip hop and graf section of said shelves cause this pack is ridiculous. Check the the rundown;



2 x Ironlak shirts2 versions x Artillery Chapter FourArtillery Chapter ThreeArtillery Chapter TwoArtillery Chapter One2 x Sleepless Knights magazine
Chapter One is impossible to find!!

• Illegal Fame t-shirts, •  Illegal Fame Issue #7 (limited edition) • 2 x stubby holders and •  Illegal Fame cap


Peak Street Issue 2

Peak Street Issue 1

Peak Street Issue Zero (hard to find, I only got 6 copies left!)

Sleep is the Cousin of Death Exhibition Book #111 of 500

Oh yeah and I’ll throw in one of my rare ass copies of Wooden Toy Issue One too.

Pretty killer hey?

Get into it!

eBay Auction HERE

Pegz signed CD, vinyl and t-shirt pack

Pegz has hooked us up with a killer pack for the Flood Money auction, that you should all be salivating over. So what has the Obese Records kingping hit us up with?

Signed copy of “Burn City” CD

Signed copy of “Axis” CD

Signed (Pegz) copy of Gully Platoon “The Great Divide” CD

Signed  copy of “Burn City” vinyl LP

Limited Edition Pegz shirt

Dope! Cheers to Pegz for the hook-up!

eBay Auction HERE

Briggs CD and T-shirt Pack

Cmon Saaaaaarn! The Milkman aka Ernie Blingo aka Briggs has blessed us with a little bundle courtesy of Shep’s finest and Golden Era Records.

Briggs - ‘Homemade Bombs’ EP

Briggs - ‘The Blacklist’ LP

2 x Briggs / Golden Era t-shirt

eBay Auction HERE

Crate Cartel Records Pack

One of the most productive and talented crews in Oz has hit us with a pack from their roster. You really should have all of these in your collection already people, but if not here is your chance to pick up some gold. We may even be able to get your a date with Geko if you ask nice. Maybe. So what has the Crate Cartel got for us?

Geko - “The Crate Cartel” LP signed by Geko

Geko presents “Crate Cartel Radio” LP

Raven & Geko - “We are Animals” EP

Raven - “Humble Beginnings” LP

Raven - “Ravenous 20Ten” LP

Signed Crate Cartel Radio poster

Ravenous 20Ten poster

Crate Cartel logo transfer

Cheers to Geko and the Crate Cartel fam for this one

eBay Auction HERE

Born Fresh label CD pack

The Born Fresh lads up in Brisbane have come through with the goods with a CD pack from their back catalogue all signed by the artists themselves. Tasty! So what do you get?

Vegas Aces - ‘V.A. All Day’ EP

Seven - self-titled EP

Prophet Rayza - ‘The Spits And Pieces Mixtape’

Prophet Rayza - ‘Six Books’ EP

Crate Creeps - ‘It’s About That Time’ LP

Cheers to all the Born Fresh lads for this one.

eBay Auction is HERE

Billy Bunks ‘Dr Suckbooze’ b/w Allstars 7 inch

Now here is some gold. This is THE most sought after  7 from the Double Beef catalogue. 

We don’t need to say anything really. Mass MC has pulled this out from the Double Beef Records vaults and the tasty slab of polyvinyl chloride is pristine.

If you’ve never heard the track check it out HERE.

Cheers to Mass MC, and Double Beef Records for this one.

eBay Auction HERE

The Dialect & Despair ‘The Vortex Pack’

Oh yeah. South Australian next generation Dialect And Despair have hit us up with a ‘Vortex Pack’ which is full of absolute goodness. If you don’t know ‘The Vortex’ is one of the finest albums of last year.

So what have we got?

1 x Signed Ltd Orange Vinyl 2LP copy of The Vortex (1 of only 70)
1 x Signed Vortex CD
1 x Dialect And Despair T Shirt
1 x Ltd Edition “Vortex” Crewneck Jumper - Designed by Legendary ADL writer Tarns (1 of 40)

Tasty huh?

Cheers to Dialect & Despair

Catch the eBay Auction HERE

B Wiv Deece “Just For You Own” b/w “Ready to Give” 7 inch

Another Double Beef 45. The goodness just keeps coming and this time we got Victoria’s own B Wiv Deece with “Just For You Own” b/w “Ready to Give”. Not many of these around…

Mark 563 cheers once again!

eBay Auction HERE